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Baby Shark Token, This Is Amazing Whitepaper and Big Roadmap: Save the Sea to See the Future

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Baby Shark Token, This Is Amazing Whitepaper and Big Roadmap: Save the Sea to See the Future
Baby Shark Token, This Is Amazing Whitepaper and Big Roadmap: Save the Sea to See the Future

PERDANA CRYPTO – Baby Shark Token, This Is Amazing Whitepaper and Big Roadmap: Save the Sea to See the Future. Oceans are among Earth’s most valuable natural resources, covering more than 70% of our planet. The reason oceans are vital in providing life for us is because they are home to one million species of marine animals. These species and the ocean itself are responsible for the air we consume by producing over half of the world’s oxygen and absorbing 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere.

Baby Shark Token Whitepaper

Unfortunately, due to the rapidly increasing levels of pollution making its way into the ocean from human activities, many marine species are being negatively impacted ecologically.

One of the largest factors affecting our oceans is plastic pollution. Currently, there is approximately 5.25 trillion plastic pieces present in the ocean. These pieces of plastic are one of the main causes of marine species declining. The reason many fish, sea turtles, and large marine species, such as sharks, are suffering due to the aftermath of plastic pollution is because they can easily become entangled within fishing nets, plastic bags, or they ingest plastic debris causing suffocation, starvation, and drowning. Over one million marine animals are killed every year because of plastic pollution.

Another lethal impact plastic pollution has is the affect it has on coral reefs. Plastic has a deadly alter on various coral reefs because it clings to the coral which causes them to become ill leading to their death. Coral reefs depend heavily on clean and clear water to survive but unfortunately, when plastic pollution contaminates the water, they smother these vital coral reefs and lower the water quality.

Approximately, over 50% of the world’s coral reefs have declined in the last thirty years. If this trend continues a downward slope, then it is said that up to 90% of coral reefs may die within the next century.

The disappearance of these essential marine species and coral reefs from our planet will lead to a massive irreversible domino effect. Crucial marine species like sharks and larger species will disappear because their only food sources are being destroyed from increasing amounts of plastics in the oceans we depend on.

Many conservation and restoration efforts have been put in place to protect our important species but the rate of pollution invading oceans is overpowering these endeavors. A couple ways humans can help stop this deadly affect plastic pollution is having on our crucial marine species and coral reefs in your daily activities are reducing the use of single plastics and participating in local beach cleanups or just simply collecting trash on the spot to recycle it.

Together we can do better and bring about better and more efficient efforts towards saving our oceans.



Audited smart contract, fair launch sale , Liquidity Pool locked

Keep holding your SHARK tokens, and you will earn more. For each transaction, a 3% fee is sent back to our beloved holders.

Sunken treasure buy and burn function boost’s the price while reducing supply; rewards members for holding

Baby Shark Token
Baby Shark Token

Whitepaper Introduction

Baby Shark Token is a community driven, audited and secure autonomous DeFi protocol, harnessing the power of the classic children’s song. We at Baby Shark Token are developing platforms that focus on ocean restoration and the conservation of our maine life.

This Whitepaper is drafted to clarify what our goal is with Baby Shark Token and so that you can easily and quickly understand the purpose and our commitment.

While many cryptocurrencies rely on fossil fuel-based mining, Baby Shark Token is a carbon-neutral cryptocurrency. Every transaction generates funds to help rescue the oceans! The team, community, and focus of Baby Shark Token is global in scope, as we all work together to make an impactful difference towards the environment. At the heart of our coin is “Pup Perks”; a novel tokenomic that sends a small portion of each transaction to our holders and our charity wallet. Holders get rewarded while cleaning our oceans!


The development team has committed themselves to Baby Shark Token; participating in the pre-sale themselves, locking liquidity at launch, and literally getting their hands dirty participating in achieving their goals of cleaning oceans. They believe that Baby Shark Token is a secure and long-term investment that grows with its community. The contract has been fully audited by TechRate, and will be handed to more arms in the future for auditing.




*Our smart contact has a built-in BNB conversion, this mean that no Baby Shark Tokens are ever sold to fund the Donation / R&D wallet

Locked Liquidity

The liquidity pool for Baby Shark Token (70% of total supply) was locked at launch with our partners at DxSale, ensuring support and transparency for all holders. The liquidity is locked on Pancake Swap V2 for a period of 1 year. After this 1 year period, the liquidity will presumably be re-locked for another 1 year period.

This gives the development team the necessary flexibility to adjust the liquidity pool, reacting to any changes made by the Pancake Swap platform within the next year. If V3 or V4 is rolled out, our conversion to the new version of the platform will be seamless.

Project Outline: Creating Value and Cleaner Oceans For Generations To Come

By utilizing our 2% tax charity and development fund effectively, Baby Shark Token will become a revolving door of value and charity for years to come. A minimum of 50% of the fund will always be donated to nonprofits and organized efforts to clean up the ocean. This is our core mission – to have a lasting impact on the environment. We want to create a cleaner Earth for us and the generations to come. To achieve this mission and continue developing our token, we may use up to 50% of the remaining funds to finance any and all developments relating to the project. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Listing on exchanges which increase accessibility to Baby Shark, adding volume and value
  • Partnering with top-tier influencers, who can become spokespeople for Baby Shark and our mission
  • Funding community giveaways that drive engagement and spread awareness of us and our mission
  • Direct advertisement via marketing campaigns; buying digital ad space, commercials, hosting events, etc.
  • Paying developers to develop value-adding products for Baby Shark, such as development of our own exchange, the Baby Shark arcade, and our NFT marketplace.
  • Developing other avenues of revenue that we may brainstorm as we progress, such as integrating products into our merchandise store

It’s our paramount responsibility to offer continued value to our holders. We do that with our novel take on burning and buybacks.

Sunken Treasure

5% of the development fund will be used to buy $SHARK once a week. These tokens will then be sent to the burn address – tossing them down to the bottom of the oceany abyss where they are lost forever! This function will continually boost the price of $SHARK while reducing supply; rewarding our sharks for their valiant efforts weekly and for years to come.

Scope & Legacy

Scope & Legacy

Baby Shark has a mission with a global scope. Asour oceans cover most of the globe, so does Baby Shark. Currently partnered with organizations in the United States and Indonesia, and with Investor around the world holding our token. Baby Shark stands poised and ready to become an international philanthropy organization with lasting impact.

This is an opportunity not just to enrich our holders and help the environment in our time, but to build something of lasting value for generations after us. Imagine handing your $1 SHARK tokens to your greatest grandkids and telling them the story of how we banded together to protect one of the most vital and precious resources on Earth – Our Oceans.

Roadmap History

Q2 2021
  • Contract Development and Deployment
  • Fair Launch
  • Launch on Pancakeswap
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
  • Website V1 and roll out of social media platforms
  • TechRate audit
  • Solidify partnership with Gili Shark
  • Listing on First Exchange
Q3 2021
  • White Paper V2
  • Listing on additional exchanges
  • Create relationships with influencers who believe in our mission
  • Launch Merch Store
  • Staking and Farming options
  • Cross token partnerships
  • Website V2
  • Shark Week Promotion Campaign
  • Sponsor Beach and Ocean Cleanup
Q4 2021
  • Additional audits
  • Application process for charities and organizations to be considered for donation from Baby Shark
  • Align with Artists to create limited edition NFTs
  • Development of the Baby Shark Arcade
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Charity Defi Exchange

Contracts & Wallet










Baby Shark Whitepaper | Baby Shark Whitepaper | Baby Shark Whitepaper


Save the Sea to See the Future

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