The Dogecoin Price Continued its Decline, Dipping to The US $0.51

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The Dogecoin Price Continued its Decline, Dipping to The US $0.51
The Dogecoin Price Continued its Decline, Dipping to The US $0.51

PERDANA CRYPTO – The Dogecoin price continued its decline, dipping to the US $ 0.51. The price of Dogecoin is continuing its decline after setting a new all-time high on Wednesday (5/5), breaking the US $ 0.69 level.

Referring to CoinDesk data, the Dogecoin price on Friday (7/5) had fallen to the level of US $ 0.51. However, at 13.32 WIB, DOGE was at the US $ 0.586609 or down 4.18% compared to the position 24 hours earlier.

Even so, some crypto market players say Dogecoin’s volatility is its main attraction, with a mix of retail investors and market makers driving up its trading volume. The Dogecoin price continued its decline

“The bad truth is that a lot of crypto valuations are separate from reality,” Joseph Edwards, Head of Research at Enigma Securities, a crypto broker, told Reuters.

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The incredible ascent of the meme-based crypto asset on Wednesday made Dogecoin currently the fourth most valuable in the world.

Hitting the level of US $ 0.69, since the beginning of the year, Dogecoin has jumped 13,611% and jumped 1,017% in the last 30 days, according to Messari data.

Its surging popularity has now seen DOGE overtake XRP as the fourth largest crypto asset by market cap on Messari and CoinMarketCap.

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Dogecoin is currently setting record highs worth a total of US $ 84.2 billion, while XRP has slipped to sixth with the US $ 55.9 billion. While bitcoin (BTC) remains king with a capitalization of over US $ 1 trillion.


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