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Chia, Crypto Money that is More Energy Efficient than Bitcoin

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Chia More Energy Efficient than Bitcoin
Chia More Energy Efficient than Bitcoin

PERDANA CRYPTO – Chia, Crypto Money that is More Energy Efficient than Bitcoin. Chia, a cryptocurrency that was only traded this week, is claimed to be more energy-efficient than Bitcoin. The claim stems from a method of verifying and logging transactions that require less storage space (hard disk) and electricity, and are therefore low carbon.

What is Chia? Chia is a cryptocurrency created by the Chia Network in 2017. The Chia network was later founded by Bram Cohen, who also invented BitTorrent’s peer-to-peer document sharing system.

Chia uses blockchain technology like most other cryptocurrencies. The difference is, Chia uses the ‘proof of space and time’ method to verify transactions and uses unused storage space on the user’s computer hard disk, making it more energy-efficient than Bitcoin.

Chia is also more energy-efficient than Ethereum which requires huge computing power to ‘mine’ coins with blockchain technology. In the process, Chia ‘mining’ can still be done with free storage space and less electricity.

While other cryptocurrencies require a large amount of storage space because usually, the user’s computer needs to run for 24 hours.

“This is to get the best opportunity in terms of return on investment and maximizing profitability,” said Digital Currency Economist Alex de Vries to CNN Business, Friday (7/5).

Then how do you get started? You will need to log into the Mainnnet platform by downloading it on the Chia network at chia.net.

After that, activities can be carried out according to the instructions and features on the platform.

Most people have a certain amount of unused storage space, so they can already do it,” said Bram Cohen.


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